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Meet Charlie Lee, Inventor Of Litecoin Cryptocurrency How do you feel about the Chinese government in general.

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So from my point of view BitCoin and LiteCoin is like a better version of gold and silver.He is leaving the company to focus on his brainchild creation, Litecoin.

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Charlie Lee Potentially Enforcing Litecoin SegWit Activation Has. he can still force SegWit activation for litecoin.Key Points: Thank you for joining us at, here with Charles Lee the creator of Litecoin and works for OK, so the Chinese, they moved the BitCoin price in a big way.

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Charlie Lee, the former employee of Google, is a personality who managed to create the fourth-largest cryptocurrency in the whole world.Interesting things are happening in the Litecoin ecosystem right now.He never shies away from engaging in LTC discussions with the public either.If potential generations purchase their espresso with cryptocurrency, they will have globetrotting programmer Charlie Lee to thank for it.Lee was born in the.It is also interesting to note Coinbase eventually integrated Litecoin support.It is evident there will be multiple successful cryptocurrencies in the long run.It is the same as the Lightning Network concept but suited for Litecoin instead of Bitcoin. Now I know china is a big buyer of gold and silver and Chinese citizens.

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Like you said I think overall the interview did introduce the name of Litecoin to many people which is a great.If future generations buy their coffee with cryptocurrency, they will have globetrotting programmer Charlie Lee to thank for it.

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Bitcoin Interviews Bitcoin Opinion Litecoin News. Litecoin Creator Charlie Lee Claims Litecoin Does Not Need.

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ZapChain interviewed Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin, and now an engineering manager at Coinbase.More specifically, Litecoin activated Segregated Witness well before Bitcoin did.Charlie Lee: Litecoin and all crypto currencies all need good.

It was an honor to get to talk to this legend of cryptocurrency.

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Charlie Lee: It was me by myself OK. Now what seperates LiteCoin from BitCoin.NewsBTC is a news service that covers bitcoin news, technical analysis and forecasts for bitcoin and other Podcast: Charles Lee, Litecoin Creator. In the interview, Lee reveals he started Litecoin as a fun project and never expected it to. charlie lee.These are just a few examples of what LTC users can look forward to right now.